I am deeply passionate about serving the world, by helping men and women of heart to transform the pain and suffering they are experiencing because of something that has happened to them in their past, through a process of forgiveness, leading to a live of greater peace, authenticity, truth, alignment, purpose and joy. The knock-on effects being improved health, improved relationships, and the creation of space to truly serve in the world at a whole new level.

Father dying

My journey on this path started at the age of 20, when I lost my father suddenly, and my life was turned upside down by heart wrenching grief. That is when i started to get curious about healing.

I spent the next decade setting up and managing a charity for people recovering from addiction. I learnt in this work about the person and the soul that resides behind the addiction, and the need to understand the story and needs of the whole person in order to heal. 


My second turning point came at the age of 31. I was a newly qualified Creative Psychotherapist, and was invited to work in a therapy centre in Kosovo, after the war. The stories I heard, and the devastation I witnessed in the wake of violence, broke open my heart, and I pledged a commitment to the weaving together of healing with the bigger purpose of peace.

I spend the next decade developing my skills as a Psychotherapist working with young people and adults, in groups, and studying for a Masters Degree in conflict resolution at Bradford Peace Centre. 

Humanitarian Work

My third turning point was here, when I became interested in Forgiveness and how people heal and find peace after violence, pain and suffering. I carried out research into the effects of forgiveness, and how people learned to forgive –  from those who had done it.

I then spent seven year living and working in various countries (Libya, South SUdan, Tunisia, Botswana, Myanmar) most of which had experienced war and large scale violence.  I worked as part of a humanitarian landmine action team, working as a mental health and psychosocial support specialist. It was really here, that I learned about how communities heal, and also about resilience and the strength of the human spirit to survive despite immense suffering. 


My most recent awakening, came a couple of years ago, at the age of 45, when I experienced a personal abandonment and betrayal which brought me to my knees and broke open my heart. I undertook the forgiveness process with the support of a Forgiveness Coach,  and this experience has not only healed me, and returned me to a place of love in my heart, it has also given me a experiential knowing of the challenges, the power, the gift and the need for forgiveness in my life.

 The love, the peace, the re-newed trust,  and the re-awakened sense of beauty I now feel deep within my soul,  is the gift I want you to experience, and I want to help you find this for yourself.

When I'm not Working

I love to sing world music songs in harmony, do textile art and embroidery, have long walks in nature with friends, cook delicious vegetarian cuisine, write poetry and reflections, travel into beautiful natural places, and spend quality time with family and friends.

Quirky fun fact- I can play the didjeridu!

I live in Cornwall, with my partner Barnaby and our cat Casper. We live in a wild landscape and both get inspiration from nature which we are blessed to be surrounded by.

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