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Hi, I’m Helen Forgiveness Coach

I believe in a world where we are living in peace – with ourselves, eachother and the planet.

One of our greatest challenges in living peacefully is learning how to manage our differences, and in healing the hurts we experience.

My mission is to enable deep level healing, and a return to love – through the ancient practice of Forgiveness.

“Thank you so much Helen. I now have an awareness of how deeply effective this forgiveness process is, how simple, and how much I have needed it in my life. I’m humbled by your wisdom, skill, experience, commitment and passion to this healing work.”  Jane

Why are you here?

Are you?

  • Obsessively thinking about past hurts
  • Feeling rage, blame, bitterness, guilt, or shame
  • Having frequent conflicts in your relationships
  • Fearful of feeling love and joy
  • Experiencing re-curring health issues

What’s happening?

 It’s simple:

Your inner and outer life are demanding your attention, and asking you to face what has happened to you, in order to heal it once and for all.

This is your time.

To stop being defined by the past, your pain, or someone else’s behaviour.

The gift of Forgiveness

Forgiveness enables us to:

  • Experience freedom from the past
  • Live creatively, lovingly and joyfully, 
  • Use our anger in a healthy and empowered way.
  • Be healthy in mind, body and spirit
  • Trust in the spirit of life, and able to serve at a whole new level
  • Find Peace within

Forgiveness is not forgetting, condoning or excusing behaviours. Forgiveness does not mean that you have to reconcile with the other person, nor does it exempt them from justice or legal accountability. It should never be used as an excuse to stay in an abusive situation. 

Forgiveness is the eventual release of feelings of resentment, rage, and desire for revenge, towards someone who has harmed you, for your own freedom, wellbeing and peace. Forgiveness is your choice and your process.



Who am I?

By now, you may be wondering who I am. My name is Helen Tanner. I have an Irish and Cornish heritage,  and I currently live in Cornwall with my partner, and our cat Casper.

I have been interested in,  and working within the healing and peace arena for the past 28 years. 

I am a Forgiveness Facilitator – guiding and supporting people through the forgiveness process.

I am a

Qualified Forgiveness Facilitator

Qualified Creative Psychotherapist

Qualified Life Coach

Qualified Executive Coach

Qualified Conflict Coach

Qualified NLP Practitioner

I have a Masters degree in Conflict Resolution and a Degree in law.

I have experienced

7 years of delivering mental health and pscyhosocial programmes in war affected countries including Kosovo, Belfast, Libya, Myanmar and South Sudan.

7 years delivering psychotherapy to groups of young people, and adults.

7 years as charity director delivering programmes for those recovering from addiction to lead a drug free life.

Why work with me?

1. I have undertaken the forgiveness journey, and emerged stronger, and with a greater capacity to love than ever.

2. I offer a clear pathway to freedom, peace and love with a forgiveness programme I have been evolving for 12 years.

3. My deep passion to serve you, women and men of heart, to heal at a deep level so you can serve at your highest level.

“Undertaking the programme with Helen has helped me deliver results that are far beyond my expectations prior to starting. I was unsure as to exactly how this programme would develop, however with Helens support and guidance I have been able to really clarify what’s important to me, and dedicated time to this priority in my life.” Steve