Hi, I’m Helen Tanner

Creative Psychotherapist & Forgiveness Guide

Tired of feeling in pain, anxious, and unworthy of love –  weighed down by your armour of protection?

Ready to feel at peace, connected, free, and take responsibility for a more joyful future?

It’s time to begin your journey of Self-Compassion & Forgiveness.

“Thank you so much Helen. I now have an awareness of how deeply effective the forgiveness process is.”

– Jane

“Undertaking the programme with Helen has helped me deliver results that are far beyond my expectations prior to starting.”

– Steve

“Helen created a very safe space, which enabled  things to emerge and become clear within me.”

– Ruth

“Helen’s skill and competence, combined with her warmth and wisdom, created a space for trust and clarity.”

– Sally

Your Pathway to Peace

A Three Step Programme for Self-Compassion and Forgiveness


On your journey to Freedom, tread the path of self-compassion, and gently release the beliefs, emotions, and thoughts that have bound you to your suffering.


On your journey to Peace, enter into the river of life, and surrender to the natural flow. Embrace divine inspiration, and learn to trust the whisper of your intuition and joy.


On your journey to Love, open your heart, and radiate the beauty and magnificence of who you are, in your relationships, and creative expression in the world.

Why choose to work with me?

I have known the suffering and despair of a life-long pattern of betrayal, (by self & others) walked the Self-Compassion and Forgiveness journey, and emerged stronger, peaceful, loving and free to be truly me.

I offer a clear, unique, transformational, step-by-step pathway to Freedom, Peace and Love which is deeply rooted into the ancient wisdom of Forgiveness. I walk with you, guiding, and supporting every step of the way.

You are in safe hands. I am a:

  • Qualified Creative Psychotherapist
  • Qualified Forgiveness Guide
  • Qualified Life Coach
  • Qualified Executive Coach
  • Qualified Conflict Coach
  • Qualified NLP Practitioner
  • I hold a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution and a Degree in law

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