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Today, September 21st is the International day for Peace

This photo was taken in 2014.
I had just returned from living and working in Libya. Life had been interesting, that’s for sure, but it was a very harsh unstable environment, and I came back to the UK very depleted and in need of some recovery.
I was so very grateful to be back, and to be safe.
Barnaby, my partner, caught this snap of me-hugging a tree in Crystal Palace Park soon after my return to the UK.
When I was thinking of an image which for me is an experience of peace-this would be it-connecting, and tuning in to the ancient calm wisdom of the trees.
Not long after this was taken, I had a dream. It couldn’t have been clearer-it was like I was in a schoolroom, and the teacher was spelling it out for me, letter by letter, ‘it’ said ‘YOU ARE NATURE.’
It seems clear to me that we, as humans, will never be at peace, inside ourselves or living with each other, unless we remember this basic fact – that we are nature.
We are not separate from other living beings, but intrinsically connected. We have a purpose here in the broader ecology of the planet, and a role, which, when remembered, will add to its harmony rather than its destruction.
On Saturday, 24th of September, we will be celebrating International Peace Day this year with the wonderful, inspiring Satish Kumar. An auspicious meeting with Satish on a train has led to him coming to Truro to talk about his book-Soil, Soul, Society-the three elements necessary for a peaceful, harmonious existence.
Remembering we come from the earth, that we are spiritual beings having an earthly existence, and that we exist in an ecological system with all living beings are the basic foundations for a peaceful existence.
Trees have so much to teach us about living in balance, and being of service to the living whole.
I love trees, and will be taking a moment today to give thanks for all the love we receive from nature and the spirit of life that flows through everything, every single moment of every day.
The ingredients for a peaceful existence are all here already. Let’s start remembering who we are, and choosing it.
Let’s start learning from the wise natural beings who know who they are, why they are here, and are living in peace, moment by moment, day by day.
Happy International day of Peace my fellow blessed human travellers.
Much love to you, may peace with you. ?❣️☀️
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