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? I heard this quote last night at the very end of a powerful and at times very disturbing film.

The character is in a courtroom setting, and he is talking about ‘the truth’ and where and how we seek ‘the truth’.
We often confuse our perspective and our convictions as ‘truth’-and here lies the crux of most human conflict-a desire to win over our opponents and bring them around to our way of thinking.
And if they refuse? We judge them, other them, fear them, reject them, avoid them.
I don’t know about you, but I have done all of these things. My determination to be ‘right’, and to hold on to my precious and often tightly held view of the world has at times over-taken my heart’s desire to be at peace and stay connected.
Our ‘truth’ is often built on strong value-based foundations-the things we hold dear, that are important to us. But if this is true for everybody, and these values clash, what then? How are we to proceed?
I have come to realise that with a value-driven life comes judgments and expectations.
So what is to be our foundation moving forwards? Where are we to find the truth that actually unites us rather than divides us?
This is to be found in the wisdom of the heart, not the judgment of the mind.
Our foundation must surely be that of compassion, love, wisdom, forgiveness, connection, insight, intuition, and care for all living beings-not just those that think like we do, or who act in accordance with what we hold dear.
We are part of a global family, and must move forward together, as one.
We can no longer afford to hold a self-righteous stance of ‘I am right’ and ‘you are wrong’, no matter how justified we believe this to be. This division has to be a thing of the past as we evolve into living a heart-centred life where there is only one truth, that is true for all living beings.
Shared with love and a heart’s desire to be at peace. ?

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