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‘At midlife, the part of ourselves that we have known, the caterpillar, is disintegrating..The emergence of the butterfly requires, absolutely demands, the sacrifice of the caterpillar..The word sacrifice..means the forfeiting of something of importance in the service of receiving something of even greater value. The word literally means ‘to make holy.’ Kathleen A. Brehony
? The mid-point of our life, the transition from the caterpillar to the butterfly, is often wrapped up in the language of ‘crisis’. It can feel a lonely and frightening time, requiring our deep trust and faith in the process.
? In this Livestream, on Wednesday 24th of March at 7p.m (UTC), we will be exploring the role of Forgiveness in supporting our transition at mid-life to release what no longer serves us, find freedom from the past, connect to our true loving spiritual nature, and re-align to an authentic expression of who we are in the world.
?Tune in to find out what the Forgiveness journey entails, and how to get support if you are ready for your journey.
?‍♀️The talk is given by Helen Tanner Creative Psychotherapist & Coach – specialising in Forgiveness. @helentanner.com.
This and other free talks can be accessed by joining the FB group:

www.facebook.com/groups/ForgivenessHeart. (please answer the membership questions for access).
Blessings and Peace,
Helen ???
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