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?‘Everytime I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.’ Dr. Steve Maraboli.
?When we look back over the journey of our life, it is perhaps easier to see how a rejection of something we wanted at the time, led us to something even better than we imagined.
?But in the moment, when we experience rejection from a job, a relationship, a friendship, or opportunity, we can feel devastated, and a loss of confidence.
? How can we get to a state of inner grace, where rejection becomes ‘feedback’ for us, without the need to unduly suffer, and close our heart in protection?
? In this Livestream, on Wednesday 10th of March at 7p.m (UTC) we will be exploring how we can live increasingly from a state of grace, love and trust, embracing even rejection into our life.
?‍♀️ The talk is given by Helen Tanner Creative Psychotherapist & Coach – specialising in Forgiveness. @helentanner.com.
This and other free talks can be accessed by joining the FB group: www.facebook.com/groups/ForgivenessHeart. (please answer the membership questions for access).
Blessings and Peace,
Helen ??
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