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? ‘The practice of discernment is part of higher consciousness. Discernment is not just a step up from judgement…it is the opposite of judgement. The judgment reveals what still needs to be released and learned. Through discernment, what has already been mastered is revealed’ Glenda Green.
? One of the great gifts of journeying inwards with Forgiveness is the shift to living a more authentic life, aligned to your heart, values, and truth.
? It is a journey of releasing shame, blame, victimhood, judgement, guilt, and rage, which have been blocking you, and keeping you tied to the past, to re-membering your true nature as a loving, peaceful, joyful being.
? As you relax back into alignment with who you really are, you’re invited to learn how to live and respond to life in a more peaceful, loving way.
? In this Livestream, on Wednesday 3rd of March at 7p.m (UTC) we will be exploring the shift from judging ourselves and others to discerning and making good decisions for ourselves from a place of love and trust.
?‍♀️ The talk is given by Helen Tanner Creative Psychotherapist & Coach – specialising in Forgiveness. @helentanner.com.
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Blessings and Peace,
Helen ?
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