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? “Rage sits at the crossroads of personal transformation. Those of us seeking spiritual enlightenment will inevitably stumble upon personal rage on the path. Rage is not to be understood as a useless emotion, empty of story or knowledge. Rather rage is fierce clarity and untapped fuel.” Ruth King
? Often when we think and talk about anger and rage, we assume that the latter is (just) a more extreme and destructive version of the former. But are rage and anger linked, and if so how? Is there anything to be learned from rage? Can we harness the energy of rage in a positive way? What are the differences between rage and anger? How does the Forgiveness process approach rage, and anger?
? In this Livestream, on Wednesday 10th of February at 7p.m (UTC) we will be exploring rage, and anger, and how the medicine of Forgiveness is applied to each, in quite different ways. This is a two-part talk, with part one (Feb 10th) focussed mainly on rage, and part two (Feb 17th) focussed mainly on anger.
?‍♀️ The talk is given by Helen Tanner Creative Psychotherapist & Coach – specialising in Forgiveness. @helentanner.com.
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www.facebook.com/groups/ForgivenessHeart. (please answer the membership questions for access).
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Blessings and Peace, Helen ?
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