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❣️ ‘I’ve learned..that love, not time, heals all wounds.’ A. Rooney
? Love is truly a great healer. She lives within us, ready at all times to be beckoned by us to administer her healing balms. But her powers do not lie in a single remedy. Sometimes she reveals herself through the gentle presence of compassion, at other times, by fuelling us with the courage to speak up for ourselves and say ‘no!’ to those who hurt us.
? Love is the thread woven into the very fabric of the Forgiveness process – transforming our pain and suffering into freedom, and peace.
☀️ In this Livestream, on Wednesday 6th January at 7p.m (UK time) we will be exploring the ‘Seven Faces of Love’ which reveal themselves at different stages of the Forgiveness process
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?‍♀️ The talk is given by Helen Tanner Forgiveness Coach @helentanner.com.
We look forward to welcoming you to the group.
Blessings and Peace, Helen ?
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