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?‘To forgive is the highest most beautiful form of love. In return, you will find untold happiness and peace.’ Robert Muller.
? There comes a point in the Forgiveness process, a turning point: After we have turned to face, release and transform the wounded parts within-our rage, our shame, our victimhood, and our grief – we are left with the question ‘why did this happen to / for me?’
? This is the moment of truth. As we stand on the precipice deciding if we will ever open our hearts to love again, whether we will ever dare trust again.
? We grapple with the possibility that this, we, are either fundamentally loving beings in a loving world and here to share our gifts into the world, and what has happened in our past (the betrayal, the abandonment etc) is a ‘divine’ nudge towards a greater alignment to our truth and living our life on purpose, or we say life is cruel, people are fundamentally bad and untrustworthy, and life is all about survival-something to be endured rather than enjoyed.
? This fundamental question of who we are, and why we are here must be faced in the Forgiveness process, and the answer will have huge consequences for our future, and for our health-as research shows that holding on to un-forgiveness has negative effects on our physical (particularly the heart) mental, and emotional health.
☀️ In this Livestream, on Wednesday 16th December at 7p.m (UK time) we will be exploring the subject of love, and the nature of who we are and how this question weaves into the Forgiveness process- and maybe just maybe the heart has the answer.
This and other free talks can be accessed by joining the FB group: ?

www.facebook.com/groups/ForgivenessHeart. (please answer the membership questions for access).
?‍♀️ The talk is given by Helen Tanner Forgiveness Coach @helentanner.com.
We look forward to welcoming you in the group.
Blessings and Peace, Helen
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