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☀️ ‘You can be right OR you can be free! What’s it going to be? That’s what my Forgiveness Coach said to me when I didn’t want to release the anger I was feeling after a personal betrayal. I WANTED BOTH! ☀️

If you are anything like I was, It’s probably months, maybe even years since the betrayal happened, but you’re still so hurt by what you experienced, that you find yourself continually trying to make sense of it and process it.?

Just when you think you’re starting to let go, you see a random post on Facebook with the person who hurt you looking happy, and you’re right back into your pain.

? You feel that clenching feeling in your stomach, you feel the rage erupting inside you, and your cheeks are hot with shame and humiliation.

After a betrayal, it’s completely normal to feel a whole host of painful emotions, but suffering long term is optional.?

At some point in your road to recovery, you are going to find yourself at a crossroads and given the choice-freedom or righteous suffering.

I reached my crossroads two years ago. A personal betrayal had brought me to my knees. There was no apology, no remorse, no acknowledgement, and no recourse. And so, feeling utterly powerless, I raged, hid from the world, and binged on TV and comfort food as I licked my wounds.

When I was exhausted from recounting my painful tale to anyone who would listen, I made the radical decision: to Forgive.?

I knew Forgiveness – I had been researching it for twelve years in my Peace and Healing work, but applying it at a very personal level-this was going to be the real test.

I found a Forgiveness Coach and embarked on an extraordinary journey. I resisted it at times, and when she told me my choice was to continue to suffer and ‘be right’ OR be free I honestly didn’t want to hear it. ?

But, forward wind to today, and I feel more love, more peace, and more of a sense of meaning to my life journey than ever.

Forgiveness is for your freedom and healing, and it works. It really works. It worked for me. It can work for you too.

Forgiveness is not forgetting, condoning or excusing behaviours. Forgiveness does not mean that you have to reconcile with the other person, nor does it exempt them from justice or legal accountability. It should never be used as an excuse to stay in an abusive situation. Forgiveness is the eventual release of feelings of resentment, rage, victimhood, shame, and desire for revenge, towards someone who has harmed you, for your own freedom, wellbeing and peace. Forgiveness is your choice and your process.

I am a fully qualified Forgiveness Coach and have combined this with 20 years experience as a Creative Psychotherapist, to develop a step by step programme for you to find Freedom from Betrayal.?

It is an online group programme which runs over 14 weeks. It begins on the 16th of November and will save you years of suffering. All the info you will need is on my website: ? helentanner.com/freedomfrombetrayal

As you find yourself standing at the crossroads what are you going to choose?

?Click on the link to find out about the programme and to apply: helentanner.com/freedomfrombetrayal

Love, Peace and blessings, Helen x ?

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