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When Forgiveness comes knocking at your door- you’re curious, and intuitively you want to follow her-but fear is holding you back.

She stands there, in her full glory offering her gifts of Freedom from your past, your pain and suffering, Inner Peace, and a return to Love. Sounds fantastic.

But when Forgiveness beckons, it can trigger confusion, doubt and mistrust.

Trust is a massive issue after we’ve been hurt, so it’s not surprising we may find it difficult to know who and what to trust with our healing journey.

There are many times on your Forgiveness journey that you will be asked to make a choice whether to keep moving forward or to turn back. And fear will be right there with you, offering you plenty of advice.

Fear may say ‘it’s not the right time’ ‘you’re doing fine on your own’ ‘things are not really that bad’ ‘you cant afford it’ ‘ Forgiveness isn’t right for you’ ‘you’ll just get hurt again-time to go home now.’

This talk will explore intuition, fear, and learning to trust the call of the heart.

To access the talk go to www.facebook.com/groups/ForgivenessHeart and request free membership.

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