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? Three years ago, I had been working in the healing arena for 25 years, studying Forgiveness for 10, and I had a chance meeting with a Shaman who said, ‘if you commit to Forgiveness work you will be initiated…expect to be brought to your knees.’ And so it was, within a few months, a devastating betrayal and abandonment had me questioning life, family, myself and much of what i had held sacred up until that point in my life. A person who had dedicated myself to Peace many years previous, I now became someone who raged, was anxious, hid away from the world, and ate my pain. I knew this was the initiation, and once I had enough of telling my painful story to partner, close friends, and a Counsellor, it was time. Time to take the journey into myself to meet Forgiveness. I found my guide, and travelled down through my shame, my rage, my grief, my blame, my guilt, self-doubt, down, down, down. In this live talk, I will be sharing the journey through the pain of betrayal, and my return to emerging stronger, clearer, more aligned, and more loving than ever. Peace is possible.I hope you can join me. Much love and blessings, Helen The livestream will take place in a private facebook group. To access the talk simply request membership to the group (and answer the 3 questions) www.Facebook.com/groups/ForgivenessHeart❣️

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