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? As we are inundated with images and messaging in the mainstream media and entertainment industry, which overwhelmingly associate acts of revenge with strength, and those of forgiveness with weakness, have we been trained to see revenge as the natural and ‘right’ response to behaviours which leave us feeling harmed, or hurt? In this livestream, we will be talking about revenge as a response to our human experience of being hurt, why we choose it, what we hope to gain from it, and the costs. We will also be looking at Forgiveness, and why we might choose this path instead-looking to the longer term, and wide-reaching benefits. I look forward to having you join us on Wednesday. The livestream will take place in a private facebook group, to enable people to ask questions and make comments in a secure and private way. Do feel free to join the group if you feel you would benefit from some support at this time as well as being able to access tools and the livetalks.facebook.com/groups/ForgivenessHeart

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