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‘If you never heal from what hurt you, then you may bleed on those who did not cut you. Anon.’ This week, in the livestream, we are talking about when is the right time to forgive? We know that if we do not heal from what has caused us pain on our human journey, we are likely to hurt ourselves and maybe others as we try to cope with the turmoil inside. But how do we know when it is time to forgive?

What conditions need to be in place? What support do we need? How do we need to prepare for the healing journey? What changes are likely to occur when we forgive?This week, we will be talking about timing and forgiveness. The livestream will take place in a private facebook group, to enable people to ask questions and make comments in a secure and private way. Do feel free to join the group if you feel you would benefit from some support at this time as well as being able to access tools and the livetalks.facebook.com/groups/ForgivenessHeart

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