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In these turbulent times, we are being called to fully show up as the leaders, and Peace- makers that we are.

We are needed now more than ever.

Let us speak our truth, step up, step out, be visible, and heard. 

And as we find the courage and fire in our hearts, let us be fuelled by love not rage.

Let our anger be dignified and directed towards imagining and creating the new.

How we build, in this dawning age, is as important as what we build.

As we weave Peace into the fabric of our outer world, the invitation is to heal ourselves, and to experience it in our inner world. 

We are called to drop the burden of blame, victimhood, and the temptation to ‘other’ those whom we perceive as the problem.  

We are called to transform the pain we are carrying, release ourselves from the past, those who may have harmed us, and the suffering we have experienced. 

The human family, and the living planet, is desperately calling out for, and yearning for Peace. And in the still moments, on the whisper of the wind, we may hear a call to follow the path – the path of Forgiveness. It’s not an easy path, it’s not a quick path, but it is an ancient one, fiercely powerful, and available for all of us willing to make the journey. 

In this presentation, you are warmly invited to join me, for an initial exploration into the ancient practice and pathway of Forgiveness.

Peace. It’s. Time.

If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

About Helen:

Helen is a Peacebuilder, Forgiveness Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and qualified Psychotherapist with an extensive portfolio of working in the UK -including seven years as Charity Director- and internationally in countries including Botswana, Tunisia and war-affected Libya, Myanmar, South Sudan, Kosovo, and Belfast. She Is a Rotary Peace Fellow and Global peace Index Ambassador and holds a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution and a first degree in Law. Helen is passionate about living fully aligned to her purpose, working with integrity and Peace – in harmony with the self, others and the planet. More info: www.helentanner.com and www.facebook.com/helentanner.co.uk

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