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You’ve been hurt by someone else’s behaviour, like really hurt, and it’s going to take some time to move on from this one. You’re not sure where you go from here, but one of the worst things about what has happened is that they haven’t said sorry.

Receiving a genuine apology from those who have hurt us really helps us to move on. It helps us to feel like we matter, like our heart matters, and what happened to us was not ok.

So what about when we don’t get it, are we doomed to have to carry this pain around forever?

That would be bad news indeed-as holding on to our pain, our resentments and our anger isn’t good for us-that’s for sure. Its at the root of a whole host of physical health problems, as well as emotional and psychological distress.

We’re not designed for holding on to emotions, or having a closed heart. Our energy and our love needs to flow for our health, happiness and wellbeing.

Fortunately we have been gifted an ancient practice, called forgiveness, which is designed to help us to process, and heal from what happens to us in this life.

Being part of the human family means that sometimes we are going to be hurt by others, and sometimes we are going to be the ones that hurt. This can be intentionally or un-intentionally.

Without this capacity to heal we  remain victims to our past, our pain and those that hurt us. Learning and practicing forgiveness is essential to being a healthy human being.

It is our gift.

It belongs to all of us.

It is something we can learn.

There are many who have taken the journey before us, and their success leaves us a trail.

You’re not alone. Im here to guide you through this immensely powerful, beautiful, and at times challenging process.

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