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When I go on walks

I’ve noticed that Peace talks to me

About all the ways she could be


Alive in the world today in an

everyday way

a subtle way

a creative way

a sung way

a loud way

a diversive way

a fun way

a together way

an inner journey kind of way

She tells me she’s suffering from a marketing problem

She needs a ‘re-brand’

She feels like a 1950’s woman, contained, imprisoned, shamed, silenced and worst of all tamed.

Limited to a symbol, new age, hippies and Ghandi

Banded about and wheeled out only when she’s deemed ‘handy’


She yearns to be useful, bold, a changemaker inspiring all

A gauntlet to humanity’s true nature call


‘Bring me out into the light’

She whispers as I stroll

‘Let me out on parole’


‘Let me bring healing to communities that are broken

Help me to unite and fix the pain so often unspoken

Let me transform the darkness of hate

It’s my time-and it’s your fate.


Reclaim me from those who try to own me as theirs

Peace is everyone’s right


On this path we’re walking

Who dares?


To get up, stand up, speak up, make up, break it up, and shake it up…..

To speak up for me wherever you can

For all lasting transformation is by my hand’…


When I go on walks

I’ve noticed that Peace talks.

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