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Forgiveness for me has been nothing more than an act of self-healing and self-empowerment. I call it a miracle medicine. It is free, it works and has no side effects.’ Eva Cor, Auschwitz survivor.

At this interactive talk your invitation is to explore with me, and discover the extraordinary and ancient path of Forgiveness, and be inspired and humbled by some of the most important peacemakers alive today – ordinary people who have chosen peace over hatred and revenge.

In 2010, I began researching the people who had experienced some of the worst possible situations in life including murder, rape, torture and kidnap. From their stories of recovery, I began to map the territory you might understand as forgiveness. My findings are fascinating, humbling, and inspiring, and I want to share some of these with you in this talk.

Forgiveness is one of those subjects that just about everyone has an opinion about. You may too.I became interested in it when I was studying a two-year programme in conflict resolution – there was not a single mention of forgiveness.

Nobody was talking about it as a vehicle for peace.


The reasons for the dismissal and silence revealed themselves as I explored.

So did the extraordinary stories of ordinary people who had experienced some of the most terrible things, and yet had navigated a fierce, courageous and often lonely path, through anger, rage, and fear, to a place of healing, freedom and peace.

I look forward to sharing with you about this fascinating subject, highly relevant to all of us in our everyday lives.

  • What:Forgiveness is fierce: Re-discovering the ancient path to freedom and peace.
  • When: Thursday December 12th 2019  7-9p.m
  • Where: The Living Well Centre Sancreed nr Penzance TR208QS
  • Cost: £8.45
  • Tickets:https://bit.ly/2zaGadW
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