Your Journey to Freedom

Your first step to Self-Compassion and Forgiveness

Are you feeling anxious, disconnected, and noticing yourself being critical, self-doubting, and judgmental?

You’re probably noticing repeated painful patterns in your life, and experiencing the frustration of feeling stuck?

If you’re ready to lay your burdens down, and make the journey home to wholeness, flow, lightness, and ease, it’s time to step upon the path of self-compassion and forgiveness beginning with your Journey to Freedom.

Step One is embracing the unloved parts with the loving light of self-compassion. 

Step Two is a ‘Releasing Ceremony’

Step Three is connecting with the Divine.

As you gently shed the skin of your ‘old’ self, and you transform and release the feelings, thoughts, and behaviours which are no longer serving you, what emerges is a deep sense of relaxation, connection, trust, joy, and inspiration.


Step by step guidance ·  Ceremony · Meditations · Handouts  · Guided visualisations · Creative activities · Email support between sessions

Step One


Our instinct is to push away, avoid, push through or adapt to those parts within us which we’d rather not accept. But we will be doing things a little differently. On the first step of your journey to Freedom, you will be guided to:

✔️ Recognise how repeated themes are playing out in your life, including those passed down as family and ancestral patterns.

✔️ See clearly how the different parts within you are interacting, and what beliefs, emotional patterns and behaviours are working against you.

✔️ Release blame, judgment, anxiety thinking, victimhood, and shameful core beliefs e.g ‘there is something wrong with me’

by embracing self-compassion and forgiveness into your life.


Image of two swans
Image of swan on water with reflection

Step Two

Releasing Ceremony

To mark the letting go of the things which you no longer wish to carry forward in your life, we will create a ‘Releasing Ceremony ‘ for you.

This is a sacred opportunity for ‘deep release’ upon a beautiful and ancient landscape.

We prepare for the whole day ceremony together, and personalise every aspect to make it special and meaningful for you.



Step Two

Releasing Ceremony

To mark the letting go of the things which you no longer wish to carry forward in your life, we will create a ‘Releasing Ceremony ‘ for you.

This is a sacred opportunity for ‘deep release’ upon a beautiful and ancient landscape.

We prepare for the whole day ceremony together, and personalise every aspect to make it special and meaningful for you.

Image of swan on water with reflection

Step Three

Connecting with the Divine

As you release what is blocking the flow of love, in it’s many forms in your life, you come home to the truth that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and that you have an in-built connection to the Divine, and  a powerful internal guidance system.

At this stage of your journey to freedom, you will be learning more about how to connect, and receive guidance from the divine within you, to live a more aligned, grounded and peaceful life.


How the programme works + pricing

Your journey to Freedom will take around 6 months to complete. You will receive: 

– Twelve carefully crafted guided sessions of 75 minutes on Zoom or face to face in Redruth, Cornwall. (in line with Government Covid-19 guidelines).

– A one-day Releasing Ceremony which takes place out on an ancient land.

– Handouts, recordings, worksheets, and also have Email access to Helen in between sessions for additional support.

Your personal investment is one of time, willingness, and financial offering which is 6 monthly payments of £265 or one upfront payment of £1495 (saving of £95).

Book a free exploratory call

Book your free 50-minute call to explore how your ‘Journey to Freedom’, may assist you on your healing journey, and whether it is right for you at this time.

Choose the time slot which most suits you in the calendar below.

Please complete the questionnaire as fully as possible when booking.

  My inspiration for the programme

On the banks of a river in the town of Gjakova, Kosovo, in 2003, as a newly qualified Psychotherapist, I listened to stories of those who had survived a war. 

On that day, painfully aware of the violent destruction that we, the human family are capable of, I committed to finding a way to support people to find Peace. Self-Compassion & Forgiveness is the process, which I believe, we have been gifted to help us transform pain and suffering into Freedom, Peace, Love, and Purpose.

Having researched the Forgiveness process for 13 years, combined with the knowledge and experience gained from my 20 years of practice as a Creative Psychotherapist -this programme of Self Compassion and Forgiveness is my gift to you.


What my clients are saying about the programme

Rebecca's “life-changing experience”

“The self compassion and forgiveness programme has genuinely been a life changing experience.

Having tried many talking therapies, none have freed me up to this extent.

This programme has shown me that I’m lovable and worthy and has left me with tools to live a life with an open heart.

I now feel more connected, and have seen a shift of being more loving towards myself and others.

There’s been more clarity of where things are, or are not working in my life, and I now have the ability to take actions in line with my values.

During the last few months my bravery has shown itself as a positive strength, giving me the courage to make decisions for my greater good, rather than to continue defending myself in difficult situations or in response to toxic behaviours. 

Helen held the space beautifully. She’s so relatable, non-judgemental, funny, wise – genuinely the perfect guide.

I very much appreciated how she adapted the process to include elements that felt intuitive to me – working with objects, nature, creativity – things that brought me out of the head and into the body. 

I truly cannot recommend enough.”

– Rebecca

Anja's mid-life awakening

Helen transformed my mid-life crisis into a mid-life awakening. She has been truly helpful. I am truly grateful. 

She supported me well by being non-judgemental. She was well prepared for every session. She gently picked out the significant bits, out of all my chaos, turmoil and mangled frustrations.

I understand myself better now. It has been especially useful to learn about the ego – and how it operates. It has been useful to learn about trauma, which is in the past, but has hooks in the present. Various truths/lies have come to light e.g. I was not loving – decent, even – with myself; I lived in fear.

The presence of truly helpful non-judgemental guidance, steering me without being overbearing has been a new and beautiful experience.”


Jo's found spiritual connection and balance

Helen has been a fabulous guide and given great support on this journey that I decided to take.

I feel so much more in tune with myself and have learned some great tools and techniques on how to cope with different stresses and situations as they arise.

I have become more open to my spiritual side which is really helping me lead a more balanced life.

Helen is very calming and has a great way of tuning in and helping me understand that there are some fabulous techniques and ways that we can help ourselves lead a more fulfilled life.

I have really enjoyed my time with Helen and would definitely recommend her to anyone wishing to embark on this type of journey.

Also, I really felt totally at ease to be myself and not be judged in any way. I am excited to start implementing all the things I have learned into my everyday life.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and time to help me learn and grow.”


Regina feels “free, happy and ready to move on ”

“Dear Helen, you have been an amazing Forgiveness Guide for me! Thank you!

After working on a forgiveness issue, that I really thought was impossible to transcend, I now feel free, happy and ready to move on in the relationship with my husband.

I feel so much more aligned to who I truly am, and now know what I truly want.

You have been so natural in how you have guided me through the Forgiveness process, intuitive, caring, and a good listener.

You asked me the perfect questions to enable me to connect and listen to my heart. 

I was able to discover inside of me my needs, and the answers in order to make the right decisions to move forward.

I hope that anyone, who is in need of the Forgiveness process, will be lucky enough to find their way to you.”

– Regina

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Programme face to face or online?

The Journey to Freedom programme can be experienced online via Zoom, or face to face in Redruth, Cornwall, England. Sessions are delivered in line with Government COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Is this a religious programme?

No, this is a secular programme. However, it does have a spiritual flavour to it.

The Self-Compassion and Forgiveness Programme is open and relevant to all – people of faith or none.

The underlying assumption of the programme is that Forgiveness is a healing process, which is accessible to all – regardless of belief.

What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is the eventual release of feelings of judgements, blame, resentment, rage, and desire for revenge towards someone who has harmed you, or against yourself, for your own freedom, wellbeing, and peace.

Forgiveness is a personal choice and process.

Forgiveness is not forgetting, condoning or excusing behaviours.

Forgiveness should not be used as an excuse to stay in an abusive situation, or as a way of self-harming. 

How do I join the Programme?

To make sure the programme is right for you, all potential participants are invited to book a complimentary 50 minute phonecall with Helen, where she will assess your needs and what service may be best for you at this time.

To book your free no -obligation call please use this link: Free Call Booking Link

What benefits will I get from joining this programme?

The overall purpose of the Self-Compassion and Forgiveness programme is to free you from feeling stuck in the past, your suffering, and feeling bound to the situation and person that you feel you have hurt through your actions / inactions.

Self – Compassion & Forgiveness feels:

1. Liberating: Feels like a burden has been lifted, and that you have been released from the cord that has bound you to the past, suffering, and those whom you have hurt and been hurt by.

2. Connected: Feel connected to your divine nature, intuition, your vision, your joy, and your loving heart once more. Feel a stronger connection to your Soul and have greater clarity on your future direction.

3. Empowered: Transcend feeling like a victim to feeling like a victor in your life, reclaiming your power, your voice, your truth, and your boundaries for healthier future relationships.

Learning how to forgive has also, according to research, been linked to the following:

• Improved cardiovascular functioning

• Improved lung function

• Improved functioning of nervous system

• Improved functioning of immune system

• Lower blood pressure

• Lower heart rate

• Less muscle tension

Is the programme available in a group and one to one?

The Journey to Freedom Programme is currently available on a one-to-one basis only.

Is the Programme suitable for me?

The best way to work this out, is to book in a no-obligation free 50-minute call with Helen to make sure the Journey to Freedom programme is right for you at this time.

Free Call Booking Link

Is this the only Self-Compassion and Forgiveness service you offer?

The  Journey to Freedom, is the first stage of my uniquely designed and guided Self-Compassion and Forgiveness Pathway, and where everyone who wishes to undertake the guided process, begins.

The whole Pathway, has 4 stages and if all four are undertaken, takes around 18 months in total to complete:

Journey to Freedom, (six months)

Journey to Peace, (three months)

Journey to Love, (six months)

Journey to Purpose. (three months)

If you are interested in taking your first step of transforming your life through Self-Compassion & Forgiveness, the place to start is with a 50-minute free call with Helen to discuss your needs, and explore if the Journey to Freedom is right for you at this time. Booking Link

If you would like to try some taster talks or one-day workshops please see this page for more details: Events.

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