Tired of suffering?

If you’re suffering, because of something that has happened to you, and you’re tired of the pain, and feeling stuck in the past, it’s time to begin your journey to Forgiveness.

Despite Forgiveness being a commonly used word, many people think it is for the benefit of the person that harmed you. Although, if they are genuinely remorseful, the offer of Forgiveness can be very healing for the relationship, the primary purpose of Forgiveness is to help you heal.

What is happening in your life, is an opportunity to let go of what is not serving you, to transform your pain and difficulties, and to step up to a whole new level of being your soul-full, wonder-full, creative, loving self.

Download the 7 gates™ to Forgiveness programme brochure from the link below

7 Gates™ to Forgiveness Programme

Through the structured 7 Gates™  to Forgiveness Programme, I will support you every step of the way to release and heal your past, and change old habits that are holding you back from a healthy, peaceful,  and joyful life.

I have come to know Forgiveness, through my work as a Psychotherapist, and as an international Peacebuilder supporting communities in countries devastated by war. I have seen its incredible power to offer peace, healing and freedom from suffering in extraordinary circumstances.

The 7 Gates™  to  Forgiveness Programme is my offering to you. It is a unique combination of research, personal experience, and guidance from some of the worlds most important forgiveness teachers alive today. For FAQ’s see below.

After working on an issue that I thought was impossible to transcend, I now feel free, happy, and ready to move forward. Helen, you are a natural guide, intuitive, caring, and a good listener.  You helped me discover my needs, heal the pain I had been carrying, get the clarity I needed, and returned me to my heart. Thank you. ”  Regina Betech Mexico City

The 7 Gates™ to Forgiveness Coaching Programme

Step-by-step guided Forgiveness process.

Forgive someone else.

Forgive yourself.

Available online.

Available in a group.

Available one to one.

The 7 Gates™ to Forgiveness Programme has three stages: Freedom. Peace. Love

How would your life be different if you felt?


Free from the pain, and rage you feel about a past event?

 Free from constantly replaying a past event in your mind?

Free from obsessively thinking about someone who has hurt you?

On your journey to freedom

You will identify the thoughts beliefs, feelings, which are holding you back.

You will let go of any attachment to victimhood, and contain the painful story you have been living.

You will go through a process of releasing what no longer serves.

How would your life be different?


If you had inner Peace, and you were able to forgive yourself?

If you could meet your needs in a healthy way, which is aligned to your core values?

How great would it be able to have clarity about what you want and not feel conflicted or guilty?

On your journey to freedom


You will identify your core values by which you wish to live your life by.

You will identify different parts inside yourself, their role in your life, and how they meet your needs.

You will resolve inner conflict, and let go of unhealthy guilt about past behaviours.


What if?


You could make sense of your life’s journey so far, and find meaning in the most difficult experiences

Even after being hurt, you could open your heart and love again?

You could trust that life is working ‘for you’ rather than to you?


On your journey back to love

You will look for the meaning in the difficult experiences of your life.

You will find ways in which life is working for you, and re-claim parts of yourself you wish to carry forward with you for your onward journey.

You will begin opening up your heart once more by creating in your life from a place of love.

7 Gates™ to Forgiveness Group Programme

If you join the GROUP programme you will:

  • Join a small group and be guided step by step through the 7 Gates™ Programme by Helen.
  • Have access to 21 live group sessions which take place over Zoom.
  • Receive 6 months of support.
  • Receive 4 one-to-one coaching sessions.
  • Have access to the private facebook group: 7 Gates to Forgiveness exclusively available for paid members.
  • Receive tools and written instructions in between sessions.
  • To apply for the programme simply book a free exploration call with Helen

7 Gates™ to Forgiveness One to One Programme

If you join the ONE-TO-ONE programme you will:

  • Be guided step by step through the 7 Gates™ Programme by Helen.
  • Receive 12 months of support.
  • Receive 21 LIVE one to one coaching sessions on zoom.
  • Receive tools and written instructions in between sessions.
  • Receive email support in between live coaching session.
  • The one to one option can commence at any time of the year subject to availability.
  • To apply for the one to one programme simply book a free exploration call with Helen

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the programme work?

You are guided step by step through the Forgiveness process. There are three stages to the journey: 1. Journey to freedom 2. Journey to Peace 3. Journey to Love. Each stage has seven sessions. 

The process is led by Helen, with a weekly zoom call or face to face session. We will be covering a particular ‘topic’  / step of the journey each session. There will be teachings, meditations, a workbook, exercises to complete, guided visualisations, activities. There will be some activities to do between sessions.

What benefits will i get from joining this programme?

Learning how to forgive has been linked to the following:

• Improved cardiovascular functioning

• Improved lung function

• Improved functioning of nervous system

• Improved functioning of immune system

• Lower blood pressure

• Lower heart rate

• Less muscle tension

As well as physical benefits forgiveness can give us:

• Increased hope, caring, trust, happiness, gratitude and faith

• Increased ability of love again

• Sense of freedom from the past, our pain and the ones who have hurt us.

• Relief of an emotional burden

Is this a group programme?

The 7 Gates™ to Forgiveness Programme is available in a group or on a one to one basis, depending on what you feel you would most benefit from.

I want to forgive myself, will this programme work?

Yes. This programme includes forgiving others, and forgiving the self.


Is this the only Forgiveness service you offer?



If you join The 7 Gates™ to Forgiveness Programme you will be guided through the complete forgiveness process.

There are some other shorter options available, as well as Forgiveness coaching sessions which will get you started on your Forgiveness journey, or help you with an area where you are particularly stuck.

There are also Forgiveness talks and workshops available.

The place to start, is with a 50 minute free call with Helen to discuss your needs and where you currently are in your journey, and  which service is best suited for you.

Is this a religious programme?

No, this is a secular programme. However, it does have a spiritual flavour to it.

The 7 Gates™ to Forgiveness Programme is open and relevant to all – people of faith or none.

The underlying assumption of the programme is that Forgiveness is a healing process, which is accessible to all – regardless of belief.

Is the Programme face to face or online?

The 7 Gates™ to Forgiveness ™Programme is available both face to face and online.

How do I join the Programme?

To make sure the programme is right for you, all potential participants are invited to book a complimentary 50 minute phonecall with Helen, where she will assess your needs and what service may be best for you at this time. 

How long is the programme?

The 7 Gates™ to Forgiveness Programme is 21 sessions over six months.

There are other options available if this is not what you need at this time.

The next step is to book a free 50 minute call with Helen to chat about your situation, and what would be best suited for you at this time.

What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is the eventual release of feelings of resentment, rage, and desire for revenge towards someone who has harmed you, for your own freedom, wellbeing, and peace.

Forgiving someone can take place even if the person forgiven has not been told. It can be a private act and decision.

Forgiveness can take place even when the other person has not apologised.

Forgiveness is a personal choice.

Forgiveness is a personal process.

Forgiveness is not forgetting, condoning or excusing behaviours.

Forgiveness does not mean that you have to reconcile with the other person.

Forgiveness does not excuse the other person from justice or legal accountability.

Forgiveness should not be used as an excuse to stay in an abusive situation.

Forgiveness should not be used a means of self-harming.


How will I know if I have forgiven?


People who have forgiven usually feel”

A sense of FREEDOM from a past incident.

A feeling of INNER PEACE.

A heart that is open and feels LOVE again. 

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