Peace Talks- A poem by Helen Tanner
When I go on walks
I notice that Peace talks to me
About all the ways she could be
Alive in the world today.
In an
everyday way,
a subtle way,
a creative way,
a sung way
a loud way,
a subversive way,
a fun way,
a together way,
an inner journey kind of way.
She tells me she needs a ‘re-brand.’
She feels like a 1950’s woman,
and worst of all tamed.
Limited to a symbol,
new age,
and Ghandi.
‘Bring me out into the light’
She whispers as I stroll.
‘Let me bring healing to those who feel broken
Help me to fix the pain so often unspoken
Let me transform the darkness of hate.
It’s my time, and it’s your fate.
On this path we’re walking
Who dares?
          To get up,
                   stand up,
                            speak up,
                                     make up,
                               break it up,
                       and shake it up…..
To speak up for me wherever you can
For all lasting transformation is by my hand’…
When I go on walks
I’ve noticed that Peace talks to me.
– Helen Tanner
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